Poured Foundations

Are you looking to get more out of our foundation? Poured foundations are a stronger, drier alternative to other foundation methods. Reinforcing re-bar is installed in every poured foundation to ensure maximum strength in every wall. Poured foundations are joint free which significantly reduces moisture problems often associated with other foundation methods.

In addition to being stronger and dryer, poured foundations leave your money on your property. On average when paying for other foundation methods a large percentage of the cost goes to labor as opposed to product. Because poured foundations are more cost-effective in terms of labor, more of your money goes directly to the product. With poured foundations, you are left with 30-40% more product which leads to a higher mortgage appraisal.

Decorative Concrete

MJ Lorenz concrete offers a wide variety of applications in decorative concrete. Whether it’s stamped and colored, overlays or acid staining your next project, MJ Lorenz concrete uses the latest technology to complete your project. With a large number of seamless and textured patterns, we have the tools to achieve the look that you desire. At MJ Lorenz concrete, our crews are trained and ACI certified to ensure that quality is our top priority.

Traditional Finishes

If it is traditional broom concrete that you desire, we offer a variety of different applications to fit your project. From the start, exterior concrete projects that we complete will have recycled rubber expansion to ensure that concrete has room to move throughout our harsh Midwest winters for years to come. Any exterior slabs from garage floors and driveways, to sidewalks and patios, are installed with control joints at a maximum of 8’ on center, to ensure that we control your cracks, where we need them.

Polished Floors

Polished concrete floors are quickly becoming popular among homeowners, big box stores, retailers, and educational facilities. Polished concrete floors offer cost savings, a longer life cycle, are easier to clean, and are available in wide variety of colors and designs. With the latest technology and equipment, MJ Lorenz concrete is capable of transitioning your new or old concrete floor into a piece of art that is specific to your project. Polished floors range from a satin sheen to a high-gloss luster to match your needs, which makes the process an ideal flooring product for various applications.

Sand & Gravel Placement

Our rock slinger trucks use the latest in conveyor technology to distribute gravel, sand and other material to desired areas accurately and efficiently. Placing the needed ground material where you need it, when you need it, helps your job stay on schedule without expensive labor costs.

Thermomass Insulated Foundations